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Behind the recording studio walls

Hey all, hope you're all keeping well out there, staying safe and enjoying all the wonderful music being made in these dark days. There's plenty of light and joy out there still, well done to all those artists who have taken the time to work even harder to lift all of our spirits during lockdown- well done! I've just released 'Sweet Summer Love' which very clearly expresses my love of sun, fun, and eh, love! It was written during the winter months when I was SAD - missing the sunshine! (Google 'SAD' for the scientific expanation of what it is!) The song is a high-tempo soca blast and doing really well on Spotify. I'm hoping to make some new fans, listeners, streams and followers and working hard on new music. There are plenty more I've written and I'm working on the final production and mastering of my next track, to be released hopefully by October. Hopefully when restrictions lift I can get out there and perform my music. Stay safe, keep listening and hit that 'follow' button when you've enjoyed my music! Best, Shay

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