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Bohdana's Prayer  - a song for Ukraine

The song “Bodhana’s Prayer” has been launched on Bandcamp as a charity release with all proceeds being donated to the Irish Red Cross Ukraine Crisis Appeal. Download a copy below or visit:

From writer of Bohdana’s Prayer, Shay Anthony Lea:

I was quite upset by the events that were unfolding day by day in Ukraine before and after Christmas 2021. I was so shocked when the conflict began on 24th February 2022 and was moved to write ‘Bohdana’s Prayer’ to somehow express my deep sadness at these events. 

Bohdana is a young girl who is sheltering in a makeshift bunker with her mother, sister and grandparents. Her father is not with them, we can guess why.  The bombs continue to fall around them, and the song mirrors her upset, her fears and total shock and confusion at what is going on in her country. Her prayer is for an end to fighting and a longing for peace. The words cause us to empathise with her and with her we too hope for a return to normality, to her country and her home. We share her heartbreak for all the people who have suffered, including her own family.  The song translates the global, universal struggle against conflict and suffering into the personal. At the song’s end we are drawn to join with the many voices, and especially the joined hands, affirming their right to peace and to freedom. 

The Irish Red Cross would like to thank Shay Anthony Lea for composing this beautiful and thought-provoking song, the proceeds of which are very kindly being donated to the IRC Ukraine Crisis Appeal. “Bodhana’s Prayer” wonderfully captures the mindset of a child caught up in the current crisis and we are so grateful to Shay for his generosity and for helping to remind us of the terrible impact conflicts of this kind can have. 

Charles Lamson, Head of Fundraising, Irish Red Cross’

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